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Returning the sacred art of birth and postpartum healing back to our community.

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

Sacred Birth and Postpartum includes timeless remedies, potions and recipes to aid in the holistic recovery of the body after birth and beyond. With the use of organic herbs in teas and meals, body warming movements, meditation and rest encouragement you will feel the benefit of these rituals, just as our ancestors.

Sacred Birth

Birth Doula ($1500)

  • Online or in-person Meet ‘n Greet to get to know each other and see if we would make a good fit for your birth.
  • Availability 24/7 by phone/text/email from the moment of hire so you can begin feeling supported.
  • Prenatal Support (two visits) to help create your birth preference list. Conversations and activities supporting coping methods and to prepare for the big day.
  • Other educational topics could include: relaxation techniques, medications, interventions, inductions, cesareans and the “Do We Want That” discussion, etc.
  • Assistance preparing for the baby which could include cloth diapering education, breastfeeding/chestfeeding, equipment & supplies, newborn baby care and soothing.
  • On-call availability from time of hire until baby is born.
  • Unlimited labor & birth support from the onset of labor until 2 hours after baby is born to help get you settled in.
  • Gentle checking in regarding your birth preferences as previously discussed in prenatal visit.
  • Photos (optional, and not guaranteed) to capture your labor, birth, and the moment when you first lay eyes on your baby.
  • Postpartum support so you can have the tools needed to feel confident about feeding, newborn baby care & soothing, self-care (eating, sleeping, showering), and family integration. This visit happens between 3-14 days postpartum in your home.

Sacred Postpartum

Supported Start ($1125)

This is a great package for families who want to get started on the right foot in the transition home with their baby, for those who encounter a challenging period and need support to get back on track, or for those who want to ease into or out of larger packages. This package is typically available for either daytime or overnight visits with a specific doula.

  • 1-hour in-home planning meeting and home orientation
  • Six 4-hour daytime appointments or three 8-hour overnights (24 hours of care total)

Classic Care ($1715)

This is our most popular package to create a strong foundation of well-being after you welcome a newborn to the family. It provides families with flexibility to customize how they use their hours between day and night support.

  • 1-hour in-home planning meeting and home orientation
  • Twelve daytime appointments or six overnights, or any combination of the two (48hours of care total)


Daytime Care (4 hour shift minimum)

  • Preparation of sacred teas and small meals
  • Emotional Support
  • Community Resources and referrals
  • Provide guidance for breastfeeding, chestfeeding, bottle feeding, and/or pumping
  • Demonstrate techniques for soothing and caring for your baby
  • Enable recovery and recuperation from labor and birth
  • Develop family sleep strategies
  • Prepare nourishing meals
  • Do laundry, dish washing, light housekeeping, and other household tasks
  • Assist with older siblings
  • Support plans of care recommended by medical practitioners
  • Give emotional support as you adjust
  • Recognize signs of postpartum health and mood complications and offer resources

Overnight Care (8 HOUR SHIFT MINIMUM)

Overnight care includes all infant care, and postpartum support including breastfeeding/chestfeeding. The function of overnight care is for new parents to feel confident that their baby is in competent hands so that they can get a substantial stretch of sleep.

Overnight care is particularly helpful when the parent has had a cesarean section, a difficult pregnancy or birth experience, maternal physical or mental health concerns, maternal or infant sleep challenges, newborn adoption, one parent is absent, or when one or both parents are returning to work. We also support families with older babies navigate nighttime sleep issues and help with sleep coaching.