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Seed to Fruit Community Works

Returning the sacred art of birth and postpartum healing back to our community.


Our Story

Mission Statement

I remember my head being wrapped and my feet kept warm. The women of my village made ginger teas and broths for my recovery period and kept the windows open in the home. Time was taken to sit and listen to my body and what it needed me to know about it’s many changes.

There is value in these traditions. The ones many of us were forced to abandon in the name of progression are now being reintroduced through dedicated birth workers. Seed to Fruit Community Works strives to revalue and rededicate not only the time related to birth but the holistic life of each seed planted, until it’s return to the earth.

We are full spectrum doulas, healers, advocates and birth assistants who through training, generational knowledge, intuition and dedication continue to serve the greater good.

Seed to Fruit Community Birth Co-op (SFCBC) was formed around the idea that the “it takes a village” adage should be applied to the birth and parenting communities in Jacksonville, Florida. Inclusive and supportive local professionals, as well as peers, are put into place in order to strengthen our village, one family at a time. Birth is one of the most challenging and rewarding moments in many people’s lives. The experience of birth and bringing a baby into this world can be a beautiful, healing, and transformative. The Seed to Fruit Community Birth Co-ops here to offer a full circle of support to ensure every birth is the best possible birth.


Charity Holt – Volunteer/ Peer Support (have image)Hello, I’m Charity Holt; a mother of two very well-rounded teenagers. I am currently in the last phase of attaining a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling. I have worked previously in advocacy with survivors of intimate partner domestic violence. Being a survivor myself, I understand the challenges. My goal is to provide a safe and supportive space while helping individuals who desire to navigate through self-discovery and self-improvement in order to achieve better and healthier life/relationship experiences. I am a major proponent of self-care, and believe it is an essential ingredient in reaching the highest level of SELF-LOVE.